Person-Centred Therapy

What Is Person-Centred Therapy?

Person-centred therapy, also known as client-centred therapy, works on the underlying belief that everyone has the ability and the desire to reach their potential through personal growth and change. The power to self-actualise derives from your capacity for self-understanding and changing your self-concepts, as well as your attitudes and behaviours. As your therapist, I help you to facilitate this change.

Client-centred therapy is distinct from other forms of psychotherapy in two significant ways: a focus on the unique nature of each client and the therapist's avoidance of giving any direction to the issues discussed. As a non-directive therapist, I do not attempt to direct the conversation. You are encouraged to lead each session by bringing up the problems, feelings, or difficulties relevant to you.

Person Centered Therapy

What to Expect During Person-Centred Therapy

This type of therapy is highly dependent upon the nature of the relationship between therapist and client. This relationship is characterised by three essential qualities: unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and empathy.

Unconditional Positive Regard

As your therapist, I must provide complete acceptance of you, regardless of what you say, as well as provide consistent support and actively listen - this leads to a greater ability to value yourself despite your issues.


Empathy, the ability to sense another person's emotional experience as they do, is critical in client-centred therapy. As your therapist, I empathise to understand and appreciate your perspective fully. Accurate empathy guards against judgment and reinforces unconditional positive regard.


Also called genuineness, congruence is the third critical quality of a therapist involved in person-centred therapy - it is the quality of being transparent and not trying to appear as the sole expert in the therapeutic relationship. The relationship is more open and honest by showing congruence between who the therapist is and how they communicate and behave

What Are The Benefits Of Person-centred Therapy?

The Focus Is on You

Your needs and choices matter. You aren't there to discover what someone else thinks, but your goals are yours, and your approach is honoured.

You Get Support and Understanding

For many people, just having someone listen intently to what they say is enough to make a difference. Such empathetic support may be hard to find in everyday life. The therapist aims to understand the client's circumstances, which can benefit clients who feel like those around them may not see what they are going through.

You're The Decision-Maker

The non-directive approach of person-centred counselling doesn't usually put you in a position where you're receiving a confusing diagnosis or a treatment plan that you are not comfortable with. If clients do not believe something they are facing or doing is a problem, they will not change it. Instead, the client decides what to work on and how to proceed.

You're Treated with Respect

No matter what you, as the client, are facing, the therapist will respect you. They don't take a higher position or allow you to believe you are lesser of a person. Person-centred counselling enables you to work as a partner in the process rather than having the therapist control all decision-making.

You're Treated as a Whole Person

In person-centred therapy, you are treated as whole people. With the client viewed positively, the therapist can care for their client and strive to help them make any desired changes.

You Aren't Judged or Analysed

Person-centred therapists strive never to judge a client. The therapist does not pass judgement no matter what life choices are brought up. Decisions made in person-centred therapy come from the client, and the therapist will likely help relieve them of the negative thoughts.

The Process Encourages Independence

Person-centred therapy can help you become more independent. You get to practice making your own decisions and approaching life's difficulties in your way. Because, as your therapist, I offer support and a positive attitude, you gain confidence and independence during your sessions

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